Diseases and Food

Disease. A sick body draws the thoughts away from father toward earthly situations. A body gets sick when inappropriate, unclean external influences penetrate (unclean foreigners):
Physical: food, gases, loud sounds, topical exposure(sun, poisons, etc)
Emotional: sick love, fears, solitude, etc
Mental: verbal abuse, physical abuse, exposure to inappropriate situations, thoughts and others.
Intellectual: inappropriate teachings
Spiritual: also inappropriate teachings and exposures
Combinations of the above
All these contribute to distract you from father service. The results are diseases, malfunctions of the machine; the priests go wild attempting to keep a sense of order in the temple. The temple is in chaos, the hgh priest is forgotten, his function to no avail. Jerusalem is upside down, Israel is broken.
The food. When the food is inappropriate, inadequate, offered for the wrong reason, not commanded; the same chaos ensue.
The clean and unclean animals:
Clean: they all have something in common; they eat food untainted by blood. They are all vegetarian.
Unclean: they all are carnivores or somewhat eat meat. They are predators. They eat diseased, weak, sick or dead or rotten animals. They ingest diseases and vermin, they themselves are unhealthy for that reason. They rely on their skills to eat and on prey availability. They can go weeks without food and become weak and infested with parasites.
This includes shellfish, the bottom scavengers.
Scaled fish, though mostly carnivores do eat fish that are alive and healthy.
Milk and meats. It is never said they shouldn’t mix, only that a kid should not be cooked in its mother’s milk. This refers to a kid still suckling its mother. Separating the pair breaks both the kid’s and the mother’s heart, therefore causing unnecessary pain to the animals. How good are all the kosher laws about preventing the animals from suffering at their death if we cause greater and longer suffering while they are alive? This also causes the animal to get sick as well. Abraham served curd and meats to the 3 strangers. Do not cook a kid (still) in his mother’s milk (feeding period). Notice how no further explanation the torah gives. It’s a very simple concept. ‘My commandments are not grievous’.
Hand washing. Well sure, remove the dirt in your nails too! This will prevent contamination to the temple. Oh yes 3 times: once to remove the grime, a second time for the soap, a third time to rinse off.
Eating after dark. Sure! Finish as much work as you can while it’s still day light, we’ll party later. Let the heart go merry.

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  1. did you know the pagans had a ritual where they boiled baby goat’s in their mother’s milk? the canaanites did this. just thought i would add that to what you wrote. 🙂

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