The Temple Allegory

As we have talked, the Temple seems a perfect metaphor of our life. By the nature of the writings and their author, it would make perfect sense. And so came about my quest, attempting to understand the relationship between parts otherwise seemingly unrelated and crudely and arbitrarily imposed with seemingly no other purpose than keeping a few generations of people busy killing millions of animals in the name of a ghost with an unpronounceable name, in hope of redemption and salvation from an unclear bad situation.

I do not know how the following has come to me. I know having asked inwardly the questions, having kept my eyes and ears open, having attempted to put 2 and 2 together. However since it is our belief that G-d through human hands has put this book together and if we are to ask Him, He will answer, in His own ways, I will take this as His answer, not mine, though I stand along it as being my interpretation.

As Yeshua said that He came to fulfill the Law, and people said all the laws cannot be fulfilled because some applies particularly to the temple, others to the priests, etc. then somewhat as He said that all the laws and the prophets hung onto the 1st and 2d commandments, then how would all those laws seemingly unrelated apply?

I am still in the process of examining all these laws that do not seem to apply, but here’s what I found so far.

Since all rabbis and pastors and priests somewhat agree that the body is the temple of G-d, and since G-d gave some very specific laws on how to build and run His house, then surely there should be a relation of some kind between our body and His temple.

We also know that He is a G-d who wants a personal relationship with us as He had with Abraham and may others. Yeshua testified of this.

He said that the kingdom of heaven is within, that Father is king of that kingdom, to pray, we must go into that secret place, and as importantly we know that the (re)new(ed) covenant would have Father write His laws upon our hearts, etc. so we can conclude that our heart is where the law would be written. Comparatively, the temple’s Holy of Holies is where the Laws were kept, it is the innermost part of the Temple, it is the Heart of the temple, and the Holy of Holies is thus our heart.

Now that we have a starting point, we just have to define the other parts of the body and see if they fit, exist, are represented, and thus if there is a lesson to be learned or not.

I will not go through all the details of the exploration here for the sake of space and purpose of this letter. I will thus point out the most important parts as to sufficiently convey the ideas.

Israel represents your life. It is a physical representation of your history. But without people it is dead as a desert.
Consider that the people have thus a symbolical character in the metaphor, whether they are foreigners or natives. They represent actions and the underlying causes. Without action, one is as good as dead.
The foreigners represent influences from the outside
The natives represent your own actions.
Jerusalem represent today in your life, because all you have is today to make your life better. This is why only one temple was to exist. Today is when everything happens. Today you will meet people who are friends and people who are foes. Today you will have to make choices about your actions, whether you will let other people influence you or you will listen to Father. Your decisions of today will have repercussion in your whole life. Indeed, one wrong move can throw your whole life away; decades of good behavior can be ruined. Today is the day, Jerusalem is the place. What goes on in Jerusalem, affects the whole Israel and every other country in the world. Today your actions will affect others.
The temple mound is your circle of friends. It is the first line of defense around the actual temple. It is where foreigners are allowed to come near if they have a common belief in you, to support you and help you do the will of father. They are your first fence around the Torah, around your heart, around the place in which father is writing His laws, giving his instructions. The court of gentile, the court of nations, which to be allowed to enter, one had to be cleansed, purified according to the instructions of Father; those people surrounding you must then be in accord with you. If they are not, their influence will adulterate your relationship with father, their influence will damper and even destroy that relationship. They will get you physically, mentally, morally, intellectually, and above all spiritually sick, impure. Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.
The court of women. That could be a tricky one, but is is actually very simple. It is closer to the heart; therefore it is the place where influence upon you must be stronger. Because people in this court are not all allowed in the next court as the gentle were not allowed in this court either. This court is for you immediate family, this court represent the people who have the strongest influence upon you, people you live with, sleep with. They are with you all the time, but are not you. This court has the greatest influence upon you and thus only the purest people should be allowed in. choose wisely your partner for an unwise one will destroy you, will empty your coffers (also in this court) and will defile your trust.
The court of Israel is then the court of your life. It is you! This is where only your actions are allowed to be. This court has a spectacular function in your life.
It is another inner circle around your heart, yet it is still not your heart.
It is your body in which no one is allowed that is not cleansed and pure, and of those allowed, all are Israelite, all are your own actions.
Is it where the altar of sacrifice is located. This altar is very significant in your life, otherwise it would be placed outside for all to see. Yet it is private it is hidden from exterior spectators. This is the place that feeds the priests, this is the place that feeds the temple where food offerings are made. This is the place that feeds your life. This is your stomach, indeed inside your body where no one can see it. And all sacrifices and offerings had to be cleansed and pure. If not so, there would be defilement, disease, sickness. A sick priest cannot function; a sick person cannot have a relationship of peace with Father.
It is your last line of defense before your sanctuary.
The sanctuary is even more private. The interesting lesson about his place is very enlightening I find. The only people allowed in that place were priests. This is where the Holy of Holies is found as you know well. This is highly symbolical. At that point knowing the other parts, I did wonder what this sanctuary stand for. What was left of the body? Who are the priests, who is the High priest? So looking into their functions, the symbolism came forth very clearly.
Functions of the priests: they run the temple. They guard it, clean it, run the accounting and the finances, supervise the cleansing of the temple goers, run the services, etc. so I asked: who or what takes care of all of that within me, that is not another person or thing and that any human being, alone, has been given? What can be influenced by outsiders that must be supervised and kept in check, basically who mounts the guard in my temple. And so the answer came as: my thoughts. Indeed, that is the functions of our thoughts: to run the body and insure its proper functioning.
Isn’t an unclean priest not allowed in the temple until he be clean again?
Aren’t all priests supposedly from only one tribe, that of Levi? And isn’t the meaning of Levi: united, those who work together to teach Torah. Thus your thoughts must be united to serve the Shekinah.
They are the ones thus without whom nothing happens and who are carrying the will of father.
They are the only one in the sanctuary, the sanctuary is our mind.
Who is the High Priest, then? Can we by his function define him in our life. As we could for the rest, we can again.
He is the only one allowed to penetrate the Holy of Holies.
He must be purified and cleansed before that.
He rules the temple, checks on all the priests and make sure they do their functions well.
He is one of the Levite, so he must have their attributes somehow
He receives the instructions from G-d and relates them to the rest of Israel.
Without him, Israel has no contact with Father as no one can enter the HoH.
He can only marry an un-betrothed virgin –confirming his purity. This means he cannot cause a vow to be broken.
He represents the whole congregation of Israel, and is able to redeem it.
All that is left is our soul. It is I, my spirit, who can enter in contact with Father through my heart. I must control my thoughts. They must chose who comes into my life and surround me according to the instructions of Father which He put into my heart. It is my soul that when saved, when pardoned, when again united with Father, redeems my life to be saved or not. The high priest is the soul.
Putting in a few sentences everything into their proper order, we have a flow of actions, which, when broken, demonstrate exactly how chaos and disorder is created.
Father is the absolute teacher and guide. He speaks to the soul, the high priest.
The high Priest must be the absolute ruler of Israel your life. He guides the priests.
The priests are your thoughts and must be the absolute rulers of your actions. No outside influence contrary to father’s instructions must be allowed in your surrounding and within your immediate and inner life.
The altar is your stomach and the sacrifice represent your dedication and devotional to father, they must be holier than anything else. It indicated then that food is holier than who you sleep with.
Who you sleep with is very attached to you. Indeed, you and it make one. Both courts were attached into one complex with each other. Therefore its influence is very great. It must be kept pristine.
Your circle of friends is next and must be kept also perfect. In fact, those not appropriate must be cut off. Their offerings must be proper and pure. If not, their impure offering will prevent the natural flow: their impure offering can be in the form of sound, smells, visuals, tactile, and food/taste. Those offerings are concepts, ideas and habits that they may impart upon you. They may be also food and other forms of temptations. The priests, your thoughts, must discern them and discard the unlikely ones according to Father’s instructions. There were 7 doors: 2 audios, 2 visions, 2 smells, and one for the mouth. These were the only ways to penetrate the court of Israel, your body. It is then very clear that controlling those doors is the easiest task. And to control those doors, controlling who can influence them is then the first goal. The friends are thus chosen among distant family members and strangers indiscriminately except for their points of view, which must be in accordance with your received instruction.
When the circle of friends, the temple mound is then all in accordance with Father’s instructions, then your day, Jerusalem, becomes holy as well.
When your day is holy, and then day after day, it makes your life holy. When Jerusalem is all in accordance with father’s instructions, then the whole Israel reflects it.
When Israel is in unity, then the other nations will notice and learn the proper way to connect to father. ‘be a light unto the nations’, ‘if your eye is single/pure, your body will be full of light’, ‘love your lord with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your strengths’.
If the priests let themselves be influenced by any stranger, or bring strange fires to the altar, let strangers in who are not kosher, meaning your thoughts are easily influenced by other people, ideas and beliefs, or you are susceptible to other’s judgments or opinions, you eat food that are improper for you, you do things that draw you away from holiness, you watch movies or listen to music that create turmoil and disturb your inner peace, then you are breaking the flow from Father outward. You are defiling the temple, you are breaking the instructions, you are in ‘sin’.
If the priests do not listen to the high priest and find their own way to care for the temple, or do not care at all about the temple, or close the temple to anyone including holy people, then there is no order. That too is ‘sin’ as it breaks the purpose of the flow from Father toward Israel. It means that you live life without a spiritual guidance, finding your own way. There is no light in your temple.
Even if the high priest enters and receives instructions and the priests carry them out properly, but Israel doesn’t follow, then there too is the breaking of the flow, for your thoughts are not ruling your life: you are mindless in your actions. Your light is hidden. ‘Who lights up a lamp and hide it under a chair?’

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