The Secret Without

My secret to fame and fortune is very simple.

The end has been written from the beginning, says the prophet.

If your desire is for more money, then you must go to the source of it.

If your desire is for Love, then you also must go to the source of it.

If you want to be famous, then there is a way. Fame comes to those who know how to handle its duties and fulfill its purposes.

But seeking the source of all is not for the faint at hearts. Are you a feeble rat , a faithful sheep, a ravenous wolf in sheep’s clothing, or a doomed ghost? Do you care more about your public image, or are political activities your lifeline? Do you feel more comfortable in a path you know as familiar even though you recognize openly it is mistaken? Do you care more about other people’s opinion, or are you set in your ways, full of wishes that it all be different, but you can’t find a good reason to let go of the old, taught by society, human traditions, your own traditions?

Are you more into catering to your own satisfaction? Worried about our own security? Are you afraid of getting robbed? Or mugged, raped?

Are you worried about getting old?

Are you afraid of death?

Then you are very attached to a fleeting world, which you seek to hold on to, though it slips between your finger, and you know you cannot grab on to it. You are afraid of the future, unsecured about the present, and wonder what you have missed in the past. You are stuck in a twilight my friend!

But there is a solution. There is a secret. Would you like to know about it? Beware! It takes efforts and time! Oops, did I lose you?

Do you sincerely thing that you are owed being famous and rich and healthy? I see! It’s all about you isn’t it?

Well, no, this world is not about You! And you better let it go before it engulfs you further in its infinite web of lies and deception, sugar-coated with the sweet nectar of illusory easily-won battles, battles really laid on your laps, though under the pretense to let you work for it,  and just so as to keep you interested enough to distract you from the real battle. You are being enticed, lured and bamboozled by great Names, loud mouths, soft words, and the deceitfulness of riches.

And like a fish in a school, you move along, prisoner of your own voluntary blindness, the kind for which no cure exists.

But what is that secret, dang it!

Well, for those who want to see, those who want to know, those who want to be free from lies, cheat and deceits, those who seek the truth, not the truth they are being fed by others, blinder than they are, but by the Source of truth, there’s a way!

And that source is the same as that of Love and fame and fortune you are seeking in your own concoction of righteousness of survival. But to get to that Source, you must let go, let yourself be delivered, detached, saved from the vanity of a fleeting illusion you call reality, but which will end upon your end.

When the end of the line will be yours, onto which new path shall you be found? Abundant life or death row?

Wait! Is that the secret?

Patience, my friend, patience! Keep reading on.

Yes, there is liberty and freedom. But it is not for you to become greater so that you may do what you will, but instead from your Self. It is from your greater danger that you need be saved! You must overcome this world!


This world pushes the ego. The ego is of this world. And this world is passing away! If you are attached to what sinks, won’t you so too? Then will you try to get to know the Instruction Manual that teaches about survival without the world and its ego? Will you seek into it the key to your way out? Will you search for the door that leads to life? Will you attempt to even understand the process? Will you sink with the titanic or be saved?

Instruction manual to be saved from the Titanic? Are you being funny?

Wait!!!! Do you think that because you are still breathing, you have been rescued, just because someone told you so or you felt great and Holy for a few minutes? Do you think that because you are out of the ship, you still may not freeze to death and sink toward unfathomable death from your own self pride and mislead belief?

Have you really read the book? Do you have ALL the tools that are the only conditions to win the contest and make it out?

What book? Where’s my secret?

Finally, do you fight argumentatively in endless polemics over secondary subjects like Creation vs. Evolution, both of which cannot be proven, yet, none of which are relevant to your salvation, for they are both argument about a past that is so far gone that in the reality of your life, it has no relevancy whatsoever, since it is about a world which is passing and from which you must be detached and severed in spirit and in truth.

WHat does that have to do with Fame and fortune? huh?


Only when you will have realized that neither time nor matter are truth, for truth is eternal, and this world fades, eternity is spirit and changes not, perfection is immortal, whereas the body, the imperfect ugliness, dies; then perhaps you will understand these lines.

Oh, yes it is all in the bible! Let’s start there! This is where the Secret of fame and fortune is told. This is where it all is told in ways that you might have never seen before.

In fact, this page is unique so far as i can tell. For, it will show  you a secret perspective, at least in the common understanding of the text,  that if you apply it to yourself instead of thinking about it as past stories, then you will begin to perceive the truth of your surroundings. That is your fisrt step toward the new You, the faithfull servant of the most High.

This page is about the fundamentals of life. It is about how the first five verses of the bible demonstrate and announce the process of salvation and introduces us to the whole bible, rather than simply be applicable to the mere story of creation, which provokes dissension rather than union between any bible believer, dissension based on vain argument rather than wisdom. See for yourself, this is about Union.

Once you can understand the Union, you can perceive the Separation also called Sin. Then your fame will be with G-d and your fortune built up in Heaven, Love will be from Heaven, and your life will be blessed. Unless you don’t believe so.

Oh Sorry, i forgot! You want everything, right here and right now! You got it! It’s all around you! Go get it! See what you can keep.

Then again you can keep reading further as rest of Genesis expounds on these 5 verses; perhaps you will get more of the Secret. And when you are done, keep reading the whole bible and see if it doesn’t tell you the same story in many more ways and details.

But for now, read on and see something new!

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