In Heaven

When you are in Heaven, you do not ask: how are you?

Because you already know the answer: I’m in Heaven!

You do not ask: how was your week?

Because you already know the answer: you were there: beholding the face of God.

There was neither week nor month; there is no time in the presence of the eternal.

You have no need to inquire, because you have all the answer: you behold the face of the All-knowing; you are one with him.

You never have the longing for a companion; for you have all other angels as your constant companions.

You never feel lonely because you are filled with the eternal friendship.

When you sing, all the sounds are always perfect. They are always in perfect harmony with all the other voices. There is never a mistake, ever.

When you sing, all the songs always fill your heart, because the songs are always from the Spirit, and the Spirit is within you, always.

When you listen, you always hear all the perfect sounds, the perfect words, the perfect praises. You only hear praises.

When you speak, you always say the perfect words.

Because nothing else matter: there is nothing else anyway; all that is ever said are words of praise. What else is there to talk about?

Let’s see:

Marriage? You are endowed with the perfect companions. Why would you seek forming a home, your own peace of Heaven? The woman seeking a protector, a husband; the man seeking a support? Wherefore is it that there is a need for protection, for support, or to create a piece of Heaven where it all IS Heaven, where the Great Protector is, the Comforter is always with you? What support will you need to promote you in what endeavor?

Business? What need is there for any activity? Isn’t every one of your needs fulfilled to perfection?

And what are those needs? Are there any whatsoever? Because there is no longing but that of being fulfilled in love and harmony. And that is what can only be provided. What can money buy that is freely given: love? Peace? Harmony? What greater wealth can there be for a body that needs nothing else, is incorruptible, perfect, and is One with the Creator of all?

Driving? What need is there for a car? Where ever you wish to go, there you would be. And wherever you would go, there is God. And all you would want is to be united to him. There then is no need or desire to go anywhere. For there is nowhere better than where God is.

Is there?

Building? If building provide a shelter, against what would you need it? There is no danger whatsoever. God is your shield, and you are one with Him.

If building provides a way to express yourself, what can be built if your expression is always to glorify God, and He is already glorified fully. In what way can your own self exist in a place where only God is One and you are one with Him. Expressing your ‘self’ would require the concept of separation in which your ‘self’ would stand alone. That desire would never enter your heart. It is the antithesis of Oneness.

Why would you want to be by your ’self’ in Heaven? Could you anyway?

Running? What profit would that bring you? Your body is incorruptible and has no need for exercise.

Running to get somewhere faster? You are one with the master of time and place, all you would do is be wherever you would be. You could be anywhere and everywhere at the same time. You would not even think of wishing to get anywhere. You’d be there already. Plus, all your wishes are to be One with God; and all that you would ever be able to express are God’s wishes. You would have no desires on your own, nor would you even know the concept. Any desire is brought about by a lack, and there is no lack in the Master of Providence.

You would have no mouth to eat. What can you ingest, that by perishing in your mouth, would keep you eternally alive? Won’t He who gives life also keep you alive? If you are One with the source of life, would you ever have to worry about food?

No stomach to digest anyway. No liver, no spleen, no kidney to cleanse and filter. No lung to breathe. What air is needed when you have all the breath available from the source of breath?

No colon, no bladder. What need is there to reject decaying matters, if your body is incorruptible?

What need is there to eat and consume?

What need is there to kill to eat?

What need is there to cultivate fruits, vegetables, grain?

What need is there to raise cattle? Pray for rain? Worry about diseases?

What is the pleasure of food? To bring you happiness? Isn’t there a greater happiness coming from Him, making the tastiest food so bland? Where would your mind even conceive the existence of such a pleasure? Why would you want to remember that?

What is the pleasure of drinking, when you are drunk with His Spirit?

Food comes and goes, wine comes and goes, but the fulfillment of the Spirit can never leave Heaven: it is Heaven. Where then can food and wine replace the Spirit even for one second?


When you behold the face of the Eternal and are one with Him, you have all of you in a state of eternity, eternal fulfillment.


What work is there to do? If there is no need to provide neither food, nor shelter or companionship.

Showing off? What is there to gain where your beauty can only be His in the first place, your superiority is beaten by His, your good deeds mean nothing if they don’t praise Him, and you can only be One with him.


Oh you may think it is boring to be in a state of perfection.

Hehe. Have you ever tried it? Isn’t what you are always looking for in every one of your moves, your desires?

When you complain, isn’t it because something is wrong? i.e. not “perfect”?

When you suffer, isn’t it because something is wrong? Ditto.

Entertainment? Movies, sports, activities? Surely you like that. But why do you seek them?

Isn’t it to escape your routine? So what is your routine? Wake up and seek food? i.e. work for a living.

And so you seek relief from seeking food, building your shelter against predators, whether mosquitoes or robbers, foxes or others. So you seek relief, distraction. Apparently, seeking food and shelter is not as pleasant as it seems if you must take a break from it.

Oh, you are a gazillionnaire and you enjoy playing tennis? You own dozens of homes and hundreds of businesses, you have thousands of people at your service- honorable of you that you provide a mean for these people to obtain their food and shelters too. And you have no thought of ever having not enough money or food, until the day you are hungry and forgot your wallet, your phone, your ID, and are in a place where no one knows you. Then you worry about food and shelter. Who will give a stranger? Did you ever?

But until then, you seek pleasure in tennis (or boating, fishing, rugby, golf, racing, etc). And you get mad when you forgot your racket. Now you have a need! Something is not perfect! And you receive a call that one of your factory has been flooded, or a warehouse is burning. Now something else is not perfect! Then in your tennis game, you lost. You have not prevailed. Your shorts ripped open. And the steak you ordered was overcooked. The glass of wine spilled over your new suede shoes. So you can’t wait to go home and watch a good movie to distract you from these mundane anomalies. But at the end of the movie, everything is back in your life, it never left you. You escaped for a few minutes, 110 in total, or 115, for you had to pause to get a drink. You were transported into a world of fantasy, an imaginary world where all these imperfections of life happen to someone else for a change. It is a world that looks like your world, but is not true. So you escape the lie of your reality into the reality of another lie. You seek relief of imperfection into more imperfection seeking relief. You find excitement in seeing destruction, lies, conspiracies; you seek relief in failure to find comfort from your own. You slip from bad to worse so that on the way back, your world will seem like amelioration, a step back toward a seemingly better world. And you feel comforted. Yes, in the end, you sought comfort, because all the day long you had disappointments. Disappointments, because you expected perfection. Therefore perfection is what you really were expecting. Yet you looked for it in what is not nor can be perfect.

Maybe your movie was on Heaven. Then surely you sought inspiration that there is a better world, somewhere, somehow. Perhaps one day you will get to know it.

Oh, you had won your tennis match? Yes you have experience a very minute taste of perfection. You are filled with pride. You are the best!

Just for today, just for that match.

Absolutely no one else cares. You want everyone to care; you buy them gifts to celebrate. You hope they will see how great you had been for a few minutes. They smile at you and their lips express some vague congratulations while their mind is on their business and their heart lost in time. You sensed it but all you wanted was to share with them the concept that perfection does exist, even if only in fleeting glimpses. It is not theirs right now. They seek their own way to find it. A rare bubble of fresh air in the mire of blindness.

So I’ll ask you: if all the day long you seek perfection, once you find it, what would have you seek relief from it that would satisfy you more? What activity or entertainment would bring you to a better state than a state of perfection?

In Heaven there is no hunger, no flooded factory, and no burning warehouse. There is no tennis game that you would suffer losses or pride of the winner. No shorts to rip, no suede shoe to stain, no need to escape, no movie, no lie, no alternate world full of lies and deceit (that world is here).

In Heaven, it all is perfect, always.


There is no road to anywhere, for Heaven is the same everywhere. Wherever you’d go there God is, and all you’d want to do is be with Him.

When we’d look at each other, we would only see Him as we each are one with Him. And His Spirit would glow through our face so that all you’d see and want to see is Him anyway. Who am I that you’d desire to see me over seeing Him who is perfect and keeps you in a state of eternal peace and happiness. If it is I whom you see as perfect, then it would really be Him you’d see, for I and Him would be One.


And so how old would we look? Can we look as old as when we die? then how can an incorruptible body be that of a sick person? should we look as when we are born? Or at 25 years old when our body has reached its adult size? So then what about children who die, say those who have been saved young, should they then look older? What advantage would any of that have?

If we are to be One with the timeless One, then wouldn’t we would look timeless, since we can only reflect Him? Isn’t it therefore not vain to assume an age for a look when you are in a state of agelessness?


In Heaven we have no name. Names distinguish. In Heaven, we all want to be exactly the same: looking at Him, as one body, one mind, one Spirit: His.

What does it matter what was my name? What will either you or I gain from my name? Why would you need to distinguish me from the rest if all I am is just like you: exactly the same; One with Him?

Why would you care about the color of my eyes if my eyes should reflect Him, like your eyes?

Why should you care about what I wear, if what I wear is His glory, which you are wearing as perfectly?

What conversation could we have if all that would matter is speaking about Him, praising Him, singing to Him? What else should matter that would fill us more?

What subject would matter more and be more interesting than truth and perfection?

What experience can I bring you that He hasn’t given you? What experience from me would fulfill you but His, which you already experience from Him?

What doubt would ever enter you in a world of pure truth, that you would have to inquire, since you’d have already all the answers?


So the Angels have name?

What is then a Name? All the names in the Hebrew bible are descriptive of some attributes of the persons wearing them.

So are the angels’:

Gabriel:                God is my strength

Michael:               Who is like God

Raphael:              God heals

Uriel:                     God is my light.


And so it is all about Him and how He works and lives in us and through us.

What name therefore can you have but that which He chooses and that which all will call out, and that which, when all will utter ‘your’ name, they will actually be praising Him; for in Heaven, one’s mouth can only praise Him. Why would any other word cross your lips?

In heaven, you know the past, the present and the future. There is no time. For you are One with the Timeless One. Before the universe began, you are. After the end, you are. Because He is.

Conversely, if you do not know the past or the future, then you are not One with Him, therefore you are not in Heaven. Where then would you be?

If you then do not know something, you are lacking. If you are lacking, then you are not provided for. If you are not provided for, you are not in a state of perfection. If you are not in a state of perfection, then you are not One with Him.

In Heaven, you can only be One with Him.

Therefore, if you are not One with him, where are you?

‘A house divided shall not stand’.


In Him you have the eternal Joy of Purity.

In Him, the pleasure is so great that it makes you forget about yourself.

Without Him there is no life worth living.


In Heaven there are mansions.

What are mansions? They are not houses with walls and roofs. They have no windows against bad weather. Don’t walls separate and doors shut? Don’t roofs shelter? Isn’t God your shelter and can there be any separation? Wouldn’t that defy the purpose of unity?

Mansions are places of great honor. And what honor is greater than being One with God? These are what await the faithful.

Can there be a room with a bed? Isn’t a bed made to sleep? Isn’t sleep made to restore our body? Wouldn’t we have incorruptible bodies? Where hence would we need to restore it? When would we want to slumber or sleep? Wouldn’t we be One with the One never slumbers nor sleep? And so don’t we try to find peace when we attempt to sleep? So what sleep is needed when you are one with the source of peace? Why would one want to sleep? Isn’t tiredness a lack of energy because of worn out bodies? Isn’t all energy from God? Therefore, why would a body that never wears off and is constantly plugged into the eternal source of energy need such a rest? Besides who would want to stop feeling the utmost eternal joy, even for a millisecond?

Can there be a dining room? What food would an incorruptible body need, that a table and a special room are needed?

Can there be a kitchen? Ditto.

Can there be a bathroom? What imperfection can exist in an incorruptible body which must be disposed off? Where would that go? Wouldn’t we be perfect?

Cold? Heat? Isn’t Heaven perfect? Where would we need protection from such? A perfect body is not sensitive to those nor depends upon those to exist. Do not these vary into each other? Perfection does not change. Thus why would perfection be subject to those?

Privacy? If there is no need for bathroom activities, and there is no sleep, and all we always want to do is praise Him and be with each other to look at Him, why would we want to hide? We would be perfect, therefore would we have any shame to hide? We would exist only for Him, therefore would we have any desire to retreat ourselves?

Therefore, why would a mansion in Heaven be like a house on earth?

Isn’t mortar made of dust? Isn’t a brick made of dust? Isn’t stone wearing off into sand and dust?

Isn’t metal from the earth? Doesn’t it corrode or wear off too and dusts away?

Isn’t wood made by plant taking dust from the earth too?

If a plant is alive, could we even begin to think about cutting it? Because it would become corruptible, it would decay and turn back to dust. What house then would last forever that the material making it wouldn’t?

Dust to dust. Therefore dust is not a component nor that made of it.

No wall, no roof, no door, no window, no brick, no mortar, no metal, no wood, no bedroom, no bathroom, no dining room, no kitchen, what is such a house that great is its name to be called a mansion and yet has nothing and is made of nothing?

Honor in high places.


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  1. Wow this was very profound! God wants us to be perfect like He is, but how can we be perfect if we are not one with Him? This article really encourages me to draw closer to Yeshua- thanks 🙂

    • this is where Grace comes in. this is why few find the door; narrow is the path that leads to life. this is where faith is. this is where we must be more righteous than the scribes and the pharisees. this is why it’s not about doing what we want in the name of Yeshua, in the name of ‘Salvation’, ‘Deliverance’, ‘reconciliation’ with God. it’s about hearing the voice of God and doing His will. It really takes you to the throat when you realize it.

      the flesh is so weak. this is what Paul had really got. I thought he was a bit off. but instead he is right on target.

      you know when people mention the scriptures about Peter being offered unclean food in dream, they quote the Angel’s saying: ‘what the Lord has sanctified, do not call it unclean’ and then they add: ‘oh but i prayed over the food so that would make it holy.
      so they call the shots , it seems.

      remember in the desert when the 250 offered incense to God, and they got burnt. their offerings were indeed accepted but they were not, because the Lord had not called them to do so. so mentioned Yeshua when he said: “many will come and say:’Lord, Lord’ but will not come into the kingdom unless they do the will of Father.
      so it is for the food and EVERYTHING ELSE! just because you bless the food, it doesn’t mean it is sanctified by the Lord for one’s consumption.
      it really is very radical!

      SO it can be added that ‘ when 2 or more come to an agreement as touching the Lord’s, it shall be done so in Heaven’.

      Talk is cheap. So father is a puppet then? thus, what is the worth of all the scriptures if they can be manipulated at will? should we then decide that it is lawful to murder? 2 people is just what it takes under that doctrine.

      The Torah warns us that all decisions and judgment must match the Torah. and we know that Torah is the set of instructions leading us to reconciliation with Father through His Holy One.

      and so the concept that one must be reborn of the Spirit is not to be applied to a few good times in church but to a fundamental switch where the Spirit takes over and leads.

      this is what God did to Israel in the desert; he cleansed out, weeded out all those who had brought over the customs of Egypt and were tainted with false beliefs and ideas. only the new blood, the new clean minds raised in the desert, away from a civilization whose beliefs were very close to the Hebrews’, except for the many gods, but whose fundamentals were opposite. the Egyptian doctrines are individual-based, though focused on the afterlife and righteousness, justice, and good actions, whereas the Hebraic instructions are Heaven based, focused on that same afterlife, but receiving the command from the one God, which, by being One with Him, provokes you and causes you, as a secondary effect, to be righteous, just and good by the very nature of that Oneness with the One who is right, just, and good. that is the order of Torah. a very fine distinction which makes either you as the center, or God as that center. and that is the choice. the only choice: you or Him.

      you are to die. focus on you and you get what’s on your heart: your ‘self’; death!
      He is alive, and you get what’s on your heart: Him; and so eternal life.
      simple concept.

      thus the ‘Grace’ is not obtained by and through ‘good actions’ but through sincere searching for Him, righteousness, Truth, Love, Life.
      that “sincere milk” of the word.
      thus each step you take leads you closer to the goal you have undertaken and focused on.
      thus if you seek Oneness, that will be your reward.

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