Genesis 1:1

Much has been said about Genesis. But there are some questions that arise that no one asks. Where did the water come from? About the darkness and the abyss? Anyone?… Could it be that there is another message hidden that perhaps only savvy scholars knew in time past but only transmitted orally to their students? What if there are more than one message? Perhaps two, or even three, all related perhaps, or each sustaining the validity of the others? Could it be that the written words are succinct in their expression just to be used as code to remember these deeper meanings. Could it be that it was not translated or interpreted correctly, intentionally or not? Well there is a simple way to know. Simply take nothing for granted! Revisit every belief you may have. for it is said that you have eyes but see not, you have ears but hear not. Let them who have eyes to see, see and ears to hear, hear.

First find

1-the transliteration from the Hebrew, then

2-the common translation, then

3-the other translation (or more) also possible through the use of the other meanings  of the same words and also found in the bible and according to Strong’s Concordance. You do your own homework! My work is not exhaustive by any mean. I asked God to show me, He just does that. But He builds you up, one word at a time.

Then find

4-the main idea, briefly explained after each verse and also at the end of the essay . Pay good attention!

Questions: If G_d created the heavens and the earth, again, when was darkness created? When was the Abyss created? When were the waters created? Where do they come from? They are mentioned as if they have always existed; Have they? or again, is it that there is another meaning?

Now, read this very carefully: Is the bible about every human being? or just a  few select ones? Is it about you in your individuality, or is it about you as part of a group? Is it about any group or a specific group? Perhaps the bible has so many levels, so many scales, that its depth is beyond human understanding.

There is also the gematria which studies the numerical correspondence between the words. it defines that usually word with equivalent meanings have the same value, which is determined by adding the number each letter stands for. But this is beyond the scope of this site.

One last note: you will find a very controversial issue that may take you months to fathom. But this is Genesis, and the explanation of such biblically-based point-of-view (you will know which when you see it) must start at its beginning.

Have fun!

-Some part of the transliterations may take you to some commentaries by authorities. Click and read all you can.


1:1 BEREISHIT bara Elokim et hashamayim ve’et ha’aretz.
IN THE BEGINNING G-d created the heavens and the earth.

Let’s use the connotations:

First of all [ the most important thing, chiefly, in the head, as a heading-this story is about how~] G-d [ Might, Powerful] shaped [ created, cut down, formed, fashioned and fattened] the spiritual realm [heavens, the abode of the angels, the soul] and the matter realm [earth, firmness, ground, the body] .

This sets the mood about the subject of this book telling the reader that it is about how the All-powerful produces the soul as a spiritual entity and the body as an earthen vessel.

Wait! This is about you!!!!!

This verse can also be considered as the title to the whole bible since the whole book explains this process and purpose, who got it right and who didn’t.

But wait further, this is about the time when Jacob fought with the Angel of the Lord:

It was night ( it begins in darkness), it was a moment when he felt a bit lost as he had just split himself as 2 companies, was in a strange land, didn’t know how his reunion with Esau was going to be, but above all he was bearing the sin of robbing Esau’s birthright. Although he had offered many years in payment and had married Leah (meaning grief) before being joined to the love of his life: Rachel (meaning ewe), the Lamb (see the story of Phineas to understand more). So in the meeting with the Angel and the subsequent wrestling, if taken litterally has absolutely no sequential logic, nor purpose; yet it is the most important event in the life of Israel since it was the decisive moment after which Jacob bore the name of Israel. so the story in itself must have a huge impact that should have repercussion not only to the end of the Bible, but even to the begining of it, in the form of preparation for that event. Signs and secondary meanings are what we are looking for, especially in illogical passages which are not tied to the common development of a normal sequential narrative based on the natural growth of a story, i.e.: john ate a rotten apple, john felt ill, john threw up. Instead we find irrelevant clues to their environment, i.e.: John ate a rotten apple, his cat was slurping milk, John felt ill, John threw up. Why do we find an irrelevant detail of the cat slurping milk? These are the pearls we are looking for. Asking about every detail.

Now to go back to Genesis, let us look again at the parallel with the story of jacob wrestling with the Angel.

And immediately after we will entertain looking at a broader picture that will tie together, not just the whole Bible, but will break apart traditions and cultist doctrines. We will do so verse by verse.

Since we are still on the first verse, let’s see the correlation with Jacob and the Angel. We have seen that the Heavens mean the Spiritual realm and that it applies to all human’s existence; as well we have seen that the Earth is the Body, hence the flesh, the Physical realm. In this case we can apply this first verse as saying:

IN (Jacob’s) head, the Powers created the Spiritual and the Physical.

In other words: Jacob had a dilemma (which we all have) between being Spirit lead and Carnally minded. This is what he was wrestling about on that famous night. do remember the clue that he wrestle till the MORNING. The next verses will explain the details indeed.

Now on a totally different but related level, Jacob had just called himself split in two companies. Indeed, his descendants will be split into two kingdoms: Israel (Ephraim) and Judah (Judea, the Jews). Now the difference between the two kingdoms is so significant that most of the prophets speak about the reunion. Not only that but Yeshua specifically said He had come for the lost sheep of the House (Kingdom) of Israel, and that Judea (the righteous ones of Judea, not the bad apples) didn’t need Him.

So then where to find that in Genesis 1:1?

Very easy: the kingdom of Judea stayed faithful to the word of God, a word which is Spiritual. They ein charge of the Spiritual House, the Temple. They kept separation from the mundane (that was the intention), and God kept the remnant of them for himself. So we can say that Judea (the praises of God) represent the Spiritual realm.

In the same manner, the kingdom of Israel had gone with the idolatry, disowning the Torah, changing every law, so that God divorced them. They had gone with the flesh, the Physical realm.

Thus we will rephrase Gen 1:1 as:

“In (one’s) head, God created [the kingdom of] Judea and [the kingdom of] Israel”

2 Veha’aretz hayetah tohu vavohu vechoshech al-penei tehom veruach Elokim merachefet al-penei hamayim.
(a)The earth was unformed and desolate, (b) and darkness covered the surface of the deep. (c) The spirit [wind] of G-d hovered above the surface of the water.

(a) And the body [earth, matter realm] was [became] unreal [chaotic, vain, had no shape] and was empty,

(b) And darkness [Hades, misery, destruction, death, ignorance, sadness, wickedness] was in front of [over the face, covering, all over, hid] the grave [deep, abyss, also gushing water, hence also ‘source of life’ as ‘water’ means ‘life’– wait.. is this where water is first introduced?].

(c) And the Spirit of Might [breath, essence, life of G-d] was moved [softened] concerning [because of, in regards to, over the presence (face) of] life [water represents life].

The text here explains that the body, what we think as firm and solid, is not real, not shaped, and empty, that anything attached to it is vanity, is chaotic and useless, bringing emptiness, and we got attached to it, thus our lives became meaningless and empty. Then it explains that death is all over the grave and that ignorance is covering up all matters about the source of Life (the deep things), that sadness and wickedness covers the pit of Hell. In other words, it states that as our life became empty, we fell in ignorance of the deep matters we came from, and that we were dying within. In brief it describes that attachment to the body leads to death.

Then the text mentions that G-d was moved in His Spirit and had pity over the situation (the Spirit of G-d is deemed to be the Spirit of Messiah by Judeo-christian scholars), thus the following verse where He says: Let there be Light.

But before we jump to verse 3, let’s look at Jacob’s wrestling paralleling the verses.

Jacob (which means the supplanter, in other word, the robber who works inequity, parallel to the kingdom of Israel) [felt he was] without form ( no guidance, no law) and empty (no hope, just as a gentile).

 And he had no clue of what to do or where to go (he was in darkness about anything deep).

And the Angel of the Lord had pity over his life. And thus God made hi straight, as we will see.

Now the larger scale with the kingdoms.

SO the two kingdom were created. One , Israel, became lawless (without from) and vain (emptiness, superficial, carnal, and idolatrous).

And it became totally ignorant of the Law, of God, of the Torah, of the deep things of life; also, it got lost in the depth of the Earth that we have no clue were.

But God had pity over their lives (waters is plural), and then:

3 Vayomer Elokim yehi-or vayehi-or.
G-d said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

And the Might said: become understanding [be light] and become cheerful [be light].                       – Huh?

Ever heard of somebody being the LIGHT of the party? Or shedding LIGHT on a hidden matter?

Here the text relates how G-d, after having been moved (emotionally) over our misery, orders that Understanding befall on us so that we regain our cheerfulness. This is the work of the Messiah shedding His light. Thus it is by the Spirit of the Messiah that we regain, upon His command, clarity in our life. This is when we are ordered to be a light.

Now as for Jacob, this is the moment when the Angel appears as the Man.

As for the kingdoms, this is when God commands the Messiah to go.

4 Vayar Elokim et-ha’or ki-tov vayavdel Elokim bein ha’or uvein hachoshech.
G-d saw that the light was good, and G-d divided the light from the darkness.

And Might [G-d] provided [also distinguished, observed, saw] the understanding, because He [it] is fair [good, prosperous, pleasant], and Might made a distinction [separated] between the understanding [light, cheerfulness] and ignorance [darkness, death].

So these 2 verses describe that G-d ordered our cheerfulness and understanding and provided it. And the text describes that once understanding has been received, He creates a marked difference between those who have received the Light and those who haven’t or who chose to live in darkness, in ignorance, and in misery. G-d sets us apart, makes us holy who have received that Light.

5 Vayikra Elokim la-or yom velachoshevh kara lailah vayehi-erev vayehi-voker yom echad.
G-d called the light day, and the darkness He called night. It became evening and it became morning, one day.

And Might celebrated [called, proclaimed, cried, summoned, declared, announced, chose] over the presence of [because of, concerning] cheerfulness [understanding, light] of the moment [day, time, present]; and over the presence of [because of, concerning] ignorance [darkness, death], he declared [cried, chose] misery [night];

And it was stranger, foreign [evening, as in ‘birth’] and it became a bright joy, the dawn of prosperity [morning, as in awaking] of the moment united [first day, awakening in a new light, when all is One, a time of Oneness ].

The text here explains that G-d after bestowing understanding on us (previous verse) rejoiced over our joy and declared that ignorance is misery, that it was to be foreign from us (we were outcasts) and that our receiving understanding is the beginning of prosperity, a time in which we are united, as One forever, set apart, thus holy.

In other words, we were born with the evening into the night, as a foreigner, an outcast to the kingdom, and in darkness, and we awoke (morning) and became holy, united in the light, the joy, the cheerfulness, upon G-d’s command, by his grace and mercy, through the Spirit of Messiah.


These verses are therefore the introduction to the rest of the Bible, which describes and expounds further the processes laid out here above. It describes how the Israelites were taken from many different backgrounds (outcasts), all in error and practicing evil ways, and were joined by G-d as One into a holy nation to be the light unto the rest of the world. It describes on a different scale how our life begins in ignorance and darkness and ends up in the light, by the Spirit of Messiah. But more importantly it emphasizes that this life is temporary and vain and that without G-d, who makes all decisions, we have no abilities, we are at his mercy, and that it is all about awakening his mercy so that He would make the decision to pull us out of the grave. He also describes that without him we are nothing and empty, and that he gave us birth in this body of death and an awakening in life,  a second birth from above, that we may choose between death and life, having known first death, then life, the evening and the morning, into an eternity in which we are all united: day one.

These are the moments before Messiah and after His coming, before Pesach and after, before Shavuot/Pentecost and after, before Yom Teruah and after, before Yom Kippur and after, before Shabbat and after, before death and after resurrection.

What strikes the most is that the Bible is NOT about some stories of other human beings or paranormal activities, but about You.

Genesis, therefore, is not about the creation of the universe but about how you came about. It is your personal story, your soul, your body, your life, your pains and suffering, your joys and hope, explained as a macrocosm as an example of a microcosm, a larger picture in which all the elements represent the same parts of the smaller picture: you. You are Egypt and Babylon, you are Canaan and Cush, you are the 12 tribes of Israel, and you are Jerusalem, because you are the Temple, because the Temple is the center of the spiritual world and within you is the center of your spiritual world. This is why in the following verses of Gen. 1, the description of the order in which living things were created before man appeared is reverse from that in Genesis 2 in which man appears first. This is because each creature represents a part of your life, and their appearance in your life differ within you. Indeed, everything around you only exists within you, for this is where you perceive it, analyze it, judge it, and store it. It all happens within. This is why the Kingdom of Heavens is within you.

Genesis is the story of the Kingdom of Heavens within you.

Oh, in case you don’t believe: ‘The Spirit of G-d hovered over the water‘: we are 70% water; explain!

And you have a question about the translation telling that God produced the Light because HE is good? Then there is a common understanding that that Light was Messiah. And Messiah himself when confronted by a rabbi who called him ‘good’ he said:

Mark 10:18
And Jesus said to him, “Why do you call me good? No one is good except God alone.”

So now, do you still think it was the Light that was good or the Father who sent it?

Genesis 1 brings you back to the beginning, not of time but to the essence of what the Bible is about, which is the understanding that God gives and takes, that He is the one shedding some light unto your path if you invoke his mercy, and that your test is of faith and not of ability to resolve problems, that He is the one giving the solution and allowing it to happen. He doesn’t ‘help’ you, you allow Him, for you have free will in this body. But after? Without God, the constant source of everything, you are nothing and you can do nothing, not even Messiah as He witnessed:

John 8:28
So Jesus said to them, “When you have lifted up the Son of Man, then you will know that I am he, and that I do nothing on my own authority, but speak just as the Father taught me.”


John 8:54
Jesus answered, “If I glorify myself, my glory is nothing. It is my Father who glorifies me, of whom you say, ‘He is our God.’

See the next verses of the Genesis.

Original Hebrew transliteration text and common translation from:

Word references from Strong’s concordance as found in:

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