The master plan

the kingdom of Heavens is not a mental exercise, it is a goal. it is not a wishful thought, is is a reality brought about with a plan to follow, a road map, a teacher, a leader, training, a training manual, a proven historical track record, coded messages, training exercises, tests, levels of leadership, graduations, hierarchical chain of command, serious commitment, designated days of rest, designated days of regrouping of the troops, of reception of orders in classroom settings, designated motivational moments, as a group and as individuals, and an altruistic purpose that is higher than anything ever. And for that, like a soldier, one must be willing to die for that cause, protecting one another at all cost.

What am I talking about?

The bible is a training manual for the armies of Yisrael, the ones rectified by El.  Who is El? El is the most high One, the superior, the commander in chief, the Father whose orders come through His tangible part, His Mashiach, through whom all is being made.

El is the source of good, the only source of the universe. His name is YHVH. Yet on this Earth was cast down a part of His creation, the enemy, the adversary, His counterpart of some sort since he is the destroyer, the liar and the thief.

The master plan now is to get rid of this thief from Earth. This thief is spirit and commands a vast army of spirits whom we know as demons, evils, evil spirits and the like. they can only manifest their power if they are invited to do so, and they can only exert them through a flesh vessel who has life in it.

Now life comes from the Father. Therefore they can only take over the vessel if invited for they cannot steal it.

Now the Father in Heaven provides vessels for them. But in the same manner, He provides vessels for His own army that His soldiers may fight them off.

In that process, His soldiers being made here on Earth lost track of their mission. They were supposed to instruct each other and pass down from generation to generation secret codes and special training to be able to hear and recognize amongst the noise the voice of the Father that they may follow his instruction and ward off the face of the Earth all evil.

But as the soldiers got injured and then corrupt, so did the instructions and the code of conduct to the point that the Father had to clean up the surface of the Earth of most vessels so as to bring a moment of rest (Noach).

The intent was to start again a new wave of righteous soldiers that would bring to fruition the master plan of ridding the Earth of all evil. Again, the soldiers failed and got disbanded (Babel) because they forgot their purpose on Earth and lost their instructions and communications abilities with their superior in Heaven.

They were supposed to work in unison, as one mind, one heart, for one goal, not theirs but the Father’s.

This having not worked out, the Father sent out a call to all the people to see if any of his soldiers were able to recognize his voice and remembered any of his instructions.

Now, most of his soldiers descendents remembered traces of His precepts, but not sufficiently for them to regroup under His flag. Some remembered that they have an ancestor who brought them to this world, but not the proper details. Most did not remember who that ancestor was, and called one of their most recent ancestor as their ‘father’. Some remembered that there is a way to communicate with that ancestor, but not the reason why they are on Earth.

All understood that without their ‘father’ they would not exist, therefore they would worship that father and considered themselves as his bride. He would be called the ‘Husband and Lord” (Baal). They all knew that because they owe him their existence, they are owned by him (or her) and willingly understood that they and their children belonged to him and must fight to the death to defend his honor and keep up his (her) reputation (good name). They, for some, were willing to sacrifice their own selves or more often their children. Yes they remembered that it was a matter of life and death. Because of their understanding of having a common father, they knew themselves as of One Blood. Their leadership style too was remembered. They remembered the instructions to always follow the Elder. Such Elder, in the original instructions was designated by his own superior, either living, or by the Father through a chain of command or directly. Tis elder was the Chosen One, the Patriarch who was the officiating guide and the intercessor between his subordinates and his superior in Heaven, although the Father or any other in the line of command could directly communicate with any soldier as needed. All the missions were kept secret by the Father till the right moment would arrive to make the moves. As the soldier’s descendents lost their focus, they remembered such communication systems, although not the pathways and they sought to recreate it on their own (medium, prophets, seers). But because the contact would originate from the Earth out into the spiritual realm, and the communicator did not have any remnant of knowledge of whom to really contact, the door was opened to any spirit from the enemy to enter into the soldier’s vessel. Once invited into the camp, the whole blood line was corrupted.

But deep inside, they remembered the promise of peace once the enemy would be destroyed. But because the clever enemy had infiltrated the ranks and confused the soldiers, they forgot how that peace is truly obtained and what it truly is about.

All somewhat seemed to remember that there is a fight between good and evil and chose side. But the knowledge of true good and evil is secretly revealed by the Father. indeed, the enemy, by slightly corrupting the communication channels was able to distract and divide the closely knit ranks of the Father’s army. His tactic is to play out on the only weak point that the soldier have: Their attachment to the vessel (the body). Indeed, this attachment is part of the Father’s instructions to all soldiers that they must care for their weapons. and the body is the only weapon that allows a soul to exist in this dimension and without which, the soldier would not be able to fight. The enemy corrupted that instruction into a final goal that the soldier is rendered inoffensive by forgetting the other instructions. Thus between refocusing the Father’s soldiers’ attention onto a dying temporal vessel and the promise of eternal peace at the individual level, the enemy has achieved a temporary respite for himself.

BUt the Father who is wise and eternal knows the end from the beginning. So He introduced a new spirit in one of these soldiers and as He called out into the remnant lost among the enemy’s soldiers, this man recognized His voice and answered. after a series of testing to make sure that the soldier (Abram) knew who was the real Father, He trained him into obedience and started a new breed of soldiers whom he was to monitor closely as they would multiply. This new breed of soldier was to slowly take over the whole Earth.

The beginning were rough since the enemy had taken notice of it and was fighting back as much as possible. But the Father was shielding his protege and his immediate descendents.

Now we understand that each time the Father intervenes, He does so in the physical level through His Mashiach, His anointed one, chosen one and first born, and therefore, father and leader of the soldier as well. But in the physical realm, this manifestation of the Father comes with limited knowledge, coming as a soldier Himself, in complete communication with the Father. This is so that the enemy who can read minds, the physical processor of orders, may not have access to the master plan of the Father. Therefore as a soldier, though His powers are unlimited, He restrains himself until the final time. The knowledge of that time is not even in His possession in the physical so as to limit the enemy’s access to that information.

Now, as Mashiach and other subordinates (angels) communicate and direct this new breed of soldiers, testing them and guiding them through their attack from the enemy who sees new movement and does what he does best: tries to corrupt. But as the Father orchestrates their moves, He sends secret messages through inspiring their thoughts and actions to further generations, unknown to the enemy, because He would reveal them as time goes by to the properly trained soldier that this soldier may keep the memory of his origin and keep track of the goal.

Now by the third generation, a lineage was established, but decoys were allowed to confuse the enemy: Ishmael, Esau, etc. and the natural heirloom rights were purposely altered that the enemy focusing on the firstborn, may be trumped by clever choice of the 2d born. and this tactics happens over and over again. Then the Father allowed for a while to fool the enemy into thinking that Yaacov was distracted from Him, finally set him by himself in a dark night (at the least moment the enemy would attack and straightened him (Yeshara-El/Yisrael), but left him with a mark to remember that he must walk straight in all his ways and he was going to be tested, not directly but through his fruits, as a tree is known by his fruits. Soon after, the testing began at Shechem. the judgement of Israel failed (Dinah), then Yaakov’ ability to hear (Shimeon) and to unite (Levi). Indeed, the Father had designated an area on the Earth to start the cleansing and wanted His new breed of soldier to start there asap. But the failure of the test of Shechem (Load/burden carrying shoulder) where the Mashiach appeared as the humble king set a significant draw back to the plan. For had they not killed the king (son of Chamor, the donkey), they would have been deemed righteous to inherit the land (Caanan).

Now they had to go into more testing. Next Yaakov’s sight fails him and Reuben falls prey to temptation. Now was this planned to trick the enemy? for, again, the first born is discarded as the leader.

Then they seem to all fail when Joseph is sent out. But it is another trick from the Father that the enemy may leave the family alone while they would begin to multiply. For the enemy seeing that the soldiers seem to have fallen leaves them alone.

But more messages for the future soldiers are set up. Rachel, the ewe (Lamb) being the first love of Yisrael. She dies after giving birth to Benoni (son of my pain) who represents the Mashiach dying as a lamb, on the way to Beth Lechem (the house of bread/sustenance) and then he is renamed by Yisrael, son of my right hand, Benyamin, that is the Mashiach who is the son and right hand of the Father

Then Judah fails, Yaakov’s praises. But as a twist, the Father inspires Judah to choose a wise woman to bring the seed. A woman whose upbringing was surely carefully planned by the Father that she may learn faithfullness and understand that a woman has two temple: her vessel as an descendent of her ancestor and her womb, and that such womb is itself a temple to bring the seed of her husband’s ancestor. It so happens that her husband ancestor was the Father himself. But Judah failed by seeking a substitute to bring the seed from another ancestor, another lineage, another god. So the Father had her save Judah by receiving his seed and Judah remained a part of the army. Again as a trump to the enemy, it is neither the first born, nor the 2d or 3rd who brings the leader, but through Judah himself. For his 1st and 2d had been damaged by the enemy. The Father includes now here more messages about the final set up: two children, two coming, the breach and the rising, down first and up last, evening first, morning second, darkness first, light after.

Noe Yoseph in Egypt is sends more messages to the future generations that they may understand and not forget, more details are revealed, though they can only be perceived by those who have direct communication with the headquarters, as they are capable of handling the knowledge and as the moment approaches for each mission, so that they are not revealed too soon to give time to the enemy to counteract.

First Yoseph is made a slave. Down! then is made equal to the Pharaoh, a god, a leader, a firstborn, an intercessor between the profane and the sacred, a high priest married to the daughter of a high priest wo gave him 2 sons. Again, the second is made the heir, not just of Joseph but of all the armies of the Father, those He rectified that they may lead with Him.

In between the message that the flesh is nothing and the spirit is what lives is inserted in the story of the Baker who dies and the Wine Tester reinstatement. For the bread represents the flesh and the wine represents blood, thus life and the spirit.

Now the Armies are placed in a wonderful state as a larva. And while they vegetate and grow like a caterpillar, the Father leaves them alone so that the enemy does not tinker too much with them. For the Father knows that any interaction would have caused the enemy to react and pay attention to this little puny family. Another tactic from the Father. He needed to have his new breed grow in number untempered. Later he would purge them.

And indeed this is what happened in Sinai.

Now after His troops were sufficiently numerous to make at least a small impact onto all the lost soldiers descendent that they, in time, may get to remember their origin and begin to know the instructions and hear the voice of their superior in Heaven, and then be able to fight as an army of One the Evil off this Earth, and the troop also being sufficiently numbered that the enemy may never be able to destroy them completely, that they should be always a remnant, the Father decided to take them out of the nursery and place them into a boot camp that they may be cleansed, purged, and trained for His purpose, getting to know Him and being able to distinguish His voice (through Mashiach) and follow His instructions.

Now the Father had one problem. Most of them did not know Him, and certainly had to be shaken in their habits and customs in such a way that they would be stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Curiously enough, the Father had placed them in a nursery where they taught a deep understanding of the relationship between the Heavens and the Earthly realm, whereas the earthly realm was temporary. Thus they learn their ABC in Spiritual warfare, though in a hidden way from the enemy.

Now the shaking had to be strong that they may understand that He is the Leader, though He was seemingly dormant all these years.

So the Father created a situation that His children would be caused to remember Him and call upon Him. Meanwhile, He sent another leader, not unnoticed by the enemy who tried to destroy him (Moses). Instead He tricked the enemy and set this future leader in a position of leadership training in the very house of the enemy, under his very nose.

As always, the tactic is, silence as the soldier is properly trained while the focus is drawn somewhere else.

Now this leader had to be trained in many ways. First, it had to be made equal to Pharaoh, but this time, unlike Yoseph whose purpose was to bring the new soldiers into the nursery, this leader had to be trained to lead them out of the nursery into a training ground, where he, himself, had to be trained. curiously enough, his training as a leader lasted 40 years, his training as a boot camp leader lasted 40 years and his leadership lasted 40 years.

Now that his training in the boot camp was over, the Father appeared and gave him his orders to go retrieve His armies out of the nursery and bring them out into the training grounds.

Now the Father had one more challenge: to bring His armies to follow this old man who had gone away from them 40 years prior and whom they had either forgotten if they had even known him, of did not know him at all. Imagine this old man coming out of nowhere and say to a whole people: follow me into the desert where you can’t live, where there is no water, no food, and only rock and sand, just because they are complaining about their life. That life which of course the Father had hardened for that purpose.

So the Father through his representative, whom He made as a God, an El, a high priest equal to Pharaoh, made the situation intolerable for both the nursery managers and His people at first. This caught the attention of the people unto who Moses was as a representative of the Father. Then the Father stopped the scourges over His people and continued on the Egyptians, just so that the difference be neatly marked. This would catch the attention of His people that they may understand that they are special and that Moses actually did come for them.

Now before they would leave, the Father entered into a covenant with them, that they would be His armies and He would be their leader, that He was going to train them into recognizing His voice and follow His commands teaching them His purpose. Then at the same time he showed them that Egypt was not protected by any other spirit leader, god or otherwise, and He removed all their firstborn, leaving chaos and a leaderless country, for the first born was considered the righteous heir of his ancestor who protected and lead him to lead his family and clan to safe pasture and lifestyle. indeed when the first born dies without heir, there is much dispute between the other heir as who can take the lead of the family. Think mafia, think government losing the president and vice president at once.

Seeing the devastation of egypt, The new armies had no choice but to leave and enter as the new bride who has recognize her ancestor and husband into a honey moon who turned out as a cleansing episode rather harsh.

Now that they were all surrounded by a desert with enemies around and no where to go, the Father gave them His instructions in writing, from his marriage contract to all the supporting conditions, along with a brief history of the armies and a complete manual containing many parts.

First, a bootcamp manual with protocols on how each soldier is to treat another, how a soldier is to treat his superiors, how to treat and recognize an enemy, what is the basic attitude of a soldier of the Father, his appearance, presentation and disposition.

It contains also personal hygiene ordinances. What a soldier is to eat and not to eat, how, when and to whom a soldier can join himself to have heirs and bring more soldiers, to whom a soldier cannot join himself. How to cleanse and otherwise take care of the vessel given which allows the soldier to be in full strength.

A penal code with family laws, civil laws, martial laws, and financial laws covering the essence of any conflict that may arose in any situation, that the soldier may be able to recognize the hand of the Father or that of the enemy.

This code was only meant as a guideline as each soldier was supposed to be directly connected to the Father, but in case it was not possible, that the soldiers and his descendents would not forget who they are.

So the instructions included other statutes that the soldiers may keep their identity and those instruction in mind at all time, that the previous defeat never happen again as we mentioned at the beginning. Now these laws included meeting regulations, communication regulations with the superiors in Heaven, and various other practices that the soldiers are to practice until the end of time while there is an Earth. The weekly meetings are reminders of the wedding day, the Mezuza recalls the wedding vows that the Father is the ONLY one, while it lets other know that the house to which it is affixed belong to the Father and no other god can be allowed in, etc. These practices are there to always reconnect with the Father, but also they are full of hidden messages.

These messages are only revealed to those who study those instructions, keeping in mind who gave them, and seeking again to be reconnected with the Father. Then once reconnected, the Father download directly the appropriate understanding and revelation of the hidden code and messages, according to the level of training of the soldier. The higher the training, the deeper the revelation, the clearer the message, the harder the mission, the heavier the tests, although the test is only about submission.

indeed, the Father acts on the Earth through His soldier using their body, being their shield, putting His name (meaning His reputation) on them.

Now the master plan grand finale.

Now a group of soldiers is being trained. they must be purged from any foreign substances and also made into one flesh. this is achieved in two ways:

the first way, all and every vessel that was born in Egypt over the age of 20, meaning every man trained as a soldier for another god had to die. Their body had been polluted by food given to idols, they had been dedicated to other gods (read: ancestors), they had ingested unclean food that the vessel was not designed to ingest, etc. so that generation had to go.

Now the new generation had to be made as one flesh. Understanding that our body is made of what we eat, we therefore have the building blocks from anything we have ingested. thus, if two people eat the same thing from their birth, they are then made of the same matter, therefore, they have become one in the flesh. This is the symbolism behind sharing the bread at communion time, whether sabbath or any other formal occasion. That is the meaning behind the word com-panion. Bread Sharer, just as soldiers are.

To achieve that, the Father sent one food that was of His nature: Manna.

Now all his soldiers were built as they walked out of the wilderness with the same building block, as true companions, one flesh, made of a spiritual bread unknown to any previous generation, that it had never been offered whether in prayer or physically to any other idol. This was the food straight from Heaven and not of the Earth.

Now they had to be made as one in life and in spirit too, for the flesh profits nothing since it is only a vessel to achieve a mission.

So the Father provided water also supernaturally that no one after may ever drink from it either. Now in the wilderness water represents life.

As of the Spirit, the Father was there through Mashiach spreading His spirit to select individuals according to their disposition, though Mose wished they all did receive it).

Now they were all united as one, trained in the wilderness that it is a spiritual war, played out in the flesh (that was well known among all people then) and they were the soldiers of the most high One, the creator himself and no other. And as such they had both a responsibility toward each other to keep each other in the right path, and then spread the teachings among all nations that all those who are really the descendents of the lost soldiers would recognize and join them.

Once a part of the armies, there is only one law, one commander in chief and to Him alone is one’s allegiance. This way, if anyone err, the next soldier can keep on the right track.

Now the plan complicates a little. for there is the message very clear that the commander in chief, the Mashiach himself would come and lead the armies.

in time more details got to be revealed by soldiers who were raised by the Father as interpreters of the Torah. HHe revealed to them certain hidden messages as the need arose and the time was rie.

One notable revelation is that there would be a final battle, supposedly on har Meggido (Armageddon). There would be a series of battle before, that would lead to that great battle. In that battle, the soldiers called would not only be the most trained of the time, but also those who throughout history have also trained for that day. They will be brought back from the grave, given a new body, in the same manner as those who would still be in training in this vessel, would be given this new body that the enemy cannot destroy (incorruptible).

Now, for this to happen, the Torah has to be spread to the whole world. to give a chance to all the soldiers’ descendents to remember their ancestor’s purpose, that they may answer to the call of rally, the final trumpet.

But along the path, the soldiers many a time seemingly forgot their mission and were cast out of the promised land. This is still part of the master plan of the Father who, incognito, works His new seed amongst the seeds of the enemy, as well as his old soldiers descendents to refresh their souls.

First during the time of the Judges where everyone mixed with everyone. Then after Solomomn, the major split between the house of Judah and the house of Ephraim, called house of Israel because Israel made Ephraim as his first born. Ephraim got spread out among the eastern nations, China, Nepal, India, etc.

Then Babylon diaspora happened.

Then the Roman diaspora finalized the conquest.

But this time something had happened that had not happened before.

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