Hello world!

Dear Brother, Sister

If one day you decide to invite me for dinner (i might go), and as i am the guest of honor, you have in your heart to prepare the  most exquisite dishes you can think of. And you are so enthusiastic about my savoring every bite of every dish, you make sure they are perfect. Then i come and very happily taste one bite of only one dish, and stop there, thank you, and leave.

Later on, you hear from a friend that i am boasting about the delicious meal you have prepared for me.

You will think: how can this person understand all the variety of tastes that the meal was, just from one bite? How can someone understand the whole just from one glimpse?

You yourself will know the richness of the meal, but that other person (me) will have missed out completely.

The meal is a whole, made of many parts. If one is missing, though the meal may seem complete, it is not. Much like a car, if one part is missing, it may function, but usually, it doesn’t. Because the missing part is a key element.

And so is this blog.

This blog is about the many parts that make a whole. A whole that take oneness to another level.

With so many teachings that gather so many parts into that whole, this blog is to be savored as a series of tastes and experiences, each of which, when discovered, brings you closer to an unique experience, unique understanding of lost ages. This is now the time of Elijah, of restoration of righteousness, of Oneness.

Let this blog bring ancient knowledge to a new light which perhaps will make you understand Oneness.

So I will attempt to write on one particular subject that so many rabbis, priests and pastors have either missed or never perceived. It is the allegory of the Temple of Jerusalem representing our life, how its order teaches the order of our life, how all the laws about it are applicable to us individually, how the sacrifices and offerings are symbolical of our dedication, how the feasts represent our salvation, and other simple symbolism that may have been partially or thoroughly missed or hidden, yet all of it teaches Oneness.

Though there are many parts to this, we MUST keep in mind that they are ALL related and in NO WAY deemable to be separate one from the other.

To understand the message, one must prepare oneself to understand Oneness, unity of thoughts, not as many thoughts gathered because of their similarities but instead different manners of expressing the ONE focus. In other words, we could consider one person with many title such as a mother being a wife and a daughter and a housekeeper and a cook and a professor at the local university and a tennis player and a patient in a doctor’s office. Same person, different hats; same existence, different perceptions; same truth, different approach.

Isn’t all One in Heaven?

Notice how ‘sameness’ is expressed in essence, an inner experience, and ‘difference’ in descriptions, a mind’s work. Can you distinguish between the two?

A suggestion: read first “in Heaven“; this brings you straight to where it all began a few ‘moons’ ago.

Have fun! Leave a comment!

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